Why to buy snow tires

Few things about driving are more frightening than losing traction — and losing control of your car — during the winter time. The type of tires that hold your car to the ground can significantly impact your car’s handling characteristics.  That’s why you should always use tires appropriate to the conditions of the road.  That means putting on a set of winter tires when there is snow on the ground.  Read this article from CNN to learn more.

Why to buy snow tires

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Temperatures Are Dropping: Time For Winter Tires

With winter here, Continental Tire North America, Inc., is launching a “45-degree Make the Switch” campaign. “It’s a fact: as temperatures drop below 45-degree, so does an all-season tire’s ability to grip the road. And that can lead to dangerous driving conditions,” said Joerg Burfien, director of R & D, Continental Tire North American, Inc. “Since all-season and winter tires are about as similar as sandals and snowshoes, we’ve launched this program to encourage our customers to stay safer in winter by switching to Continental Winter Tires.

Continental Winter Tires are available at Frank’s Tire Service. Call, stop by, or click the link below to find out more!

Temperatures Are Dropping: Time to Make the Switch to Continental Winter Tires

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Tire shops getting ready for first snow of the season

Did you see the flurries this morning, New York? Many drivers are now racing to get the snow tires on before the roads become too slick.

Road crews, tire shops getting ready for first snow of the season

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